Youth Foundation, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization designed to help families of struggling Teens.


As part of it's mission, Youth Foundation, Inc. operates a Treatment Center and School for Struggling Teens. Non-Profit Schools can subsidize cost through donations, corporate sponsors, and fundraiser. Thereby reducing the cost to parents. Furthermore, Non-profit Schools do not need to add profits into their tuition and fees. This can often save parents 20-30 %. All of these savings allow Youth Foundation, Inc. To operate these programs at the lowest possible cost for Families

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We have several options available for the Summer!

Youth Foundation has several different options for the Summer!

Youth Foundation Summer program offers a comprehensive treatment program for adolescent behavioral, emotional, and learning problems. This program is composed of a set of evidence-based treatments incorporated into an 8-week therapeutic summer day camp setting. Group and tailored individual treatment plans are implemented by trained paraprofessionals under the supervision of experienced senior staff members.

About Youth Foundation

Youth Foundation, Inc is motivated by helping Teens rather than by making profits so they are able to do what is best for Teens instead of what is best for profits. This creates a huge difference in the delivery of services and the focus given to Teens. This gives families the best possible situation when it comes to the care and services given to their Teen.

For these reasons, we believe Youth Foundation, Inc. can give your child better services at significantly less cost!

Youth Foundation Facility is near the Utah, Arizona, and Nevada border. The area boasts of 350 days of sunshine a year. It is close to breathtaking Zion National Park, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, Brian Head Ski Resort, Lake Powell, Lake Meade, and numerous other recreational destinations. Each of these destinations offer activities that can be found nowhere else. If you are in the area for a visit, you can enjoy world class hiking, biking, golf, skiing and scenery.

Our Academic Program is designed to help students maximize learning and the earning of credits. Students are not held by by course offerings, teacher lesson plans, or other students in the class. Through the use of “state of the art” computerized education students are able to move at their own pace. The curriculum has a large selection of elective and required Academic courses available. Students get the chance to work on their classes with new, modern technology including online textbooks, 3D animation, video clips, teaching online, and other multimedia, which makes it the perfect supervised self -paced curriculum that compliments today’s generation.


Character building courses are essential to helping our Students gain new insight, motivation and direction here at Youth Foundations. Coupled with Skill Building and Personal Development Courses, our Students get the full treatment and learn how to better handle some of the struggles that they are dealing with in everyday life. They learn how to better prepare themselves for future problems, how to handle current problems and how to make the appropriate choices in many different areas of their lives. These classes can be anything from professional audio and videotapes, selective reading material and staff or peer feedback.


Youth Foundation offers many workshops and seminars not only to the Students but for their Parents as well. Family interaction, Communication, Value Based Living and Building Stronger Family and Peer relationships are a few of the Workshops that they attend. Self Esteem, Critical Life Experiences and getting rid of self-limiting beliefs are also a huge part of our curriculum. We do not believe in putting a bandage over the problem, we fix the core issues.

Athletics & Fitness

Youth Foundation participates in local, regional and state level athletics. Youth Foundation students have won state championships in several different Sports & Events.


Youth Foundation provides its students with 24 hour a day, 7 days a week supervision from Staff. This one on one contact that our Students have with our Staff on a consistent basis means our Staff will get to know each and every Student individually and be able to offer individualized positive reinforcement and encouragement. Getting to know our Students is extremely important so we may be able to correct inappropriate attitudes and behaviors and help to turn them around into more productive ones. Our Staff Supervision is designed to help Students get on the right path and Succeed. 

Belief Statements

We believe that students will:

We believe that teachers will:

We believe that the learning environment will:

Are you eligible for Free or Discounted Tuition?

Many insurance companies have mental health or substance abuse coverage that can help you with part or all of your tuition.

Many if not most parents can get funding, however each individual situation differs. As result, there are some parents we are not able to get any funding for, while others we can get part of their tuition covered, and others and others we can get all or nearly all of their tuition covered. We don’t know what we can do for you until we check into it.

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Parent Tool Kit!

As part of Youth Foundations Mission to help Families with a Struggling Teen, we have developed this online program to help parents!

Parent Tools was developed by Youth Foundation to help parents establish proper boundaries and discipline in the Home. It utilizes many of the same processes and techniques that are effectively used at Youth Foundation only it has been adapted for Home use. Parent Tools gives an effective outline of appropriate rewards and consequences to implement in order to maintain needed boundaries, discipline and motivation in the home. The Program is outlined and administered through some very special computer software with a paper version also available. The Program is easy to follow and implement. It takes the guesswork out of what to do to create the motivation and cooperation you need and want from your Teen.

Free Parent Kit

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Today was really fun! A few other upper levels and myself went to St. George for the huntsman World Series. The huntsman games is a world softball tournament for senior citizens. They are the best at softball in the world for their age group. Today I spend about 12 hours scorekeeping. Everyone at the Hunstman…

Service Project

Yesterday I went on a service project with some of the other upper levels from Youth Foundation. We were all helping out at the St. George Annual Marathon, and I had a blast. We were helping the runners get their clothes and belongings back and afterwards we helped put everything else away, like the extra…

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